July 2017 Update from CODA President

Summer of 2017 is well underway with most summer programs in full swing! Great to see so many new faces joining the Opti family.

1. The 2017 NAM wrapped up last week at RCYC. I personally wanted to call out the amazing organization skills of Kimberly Cudney and Felicity Rodness (Co-Chairs). Committees of dedicated current and former Opti-parents did an unbelievable job. To host an IODA event requires not just hosting the racing for up to 180 sailors, but housing them, feeding them, transporting them...and the supporting IODA delegates. It is a monumental acheivement.

Canada should be pleased, as we had 3 sailors in Gold Fleet - Jackson Macaulay was 26th, Jack Gogan was 32nd and Maya Heidenreich was 51st. We are getting more competitive as a country thanks to dedicated efforts year round and coaching improvements. 

We had a large team, as host nation, of 29 sailors. It was a unique moment to host an IODA event (last one was in 2010 in Kingston). Congratulations to everyone who was there and CODA hopes this will trigger your desire to continue to improve and compete on the world stage. Sailing against the world's best kids is an achievement in itself. Well done.



2. 2017 Canadians; Aug 20-26th. If you havent registered, please do so for what will be a great event. Royal Nova Scotia YS will no doubt put on a great show.  https://2017opticanadians.com/

3. CORK Intl; http://www.cork.org/optimist-2/ -- Given the fact the USODA were not able to get the New Englands off the ground this summer, we should expect a good turn out this year at CORK! (their loss, our gain). Early registration is on or before July 31st.

4. Coach Development program; CODA is very keen to raise the level of coaching in Canada. We want to help our coaches become the best they can be and leave a legacy for the next generation. Please consider donating to CODA's efforts through https://www.windathletes.ca/ - please select the tab for CODA's Coach program. We intend to support coaching clinics, travel and development with your donations. Tax receipts are provided. if you want to sponsor a clinic locally, please reach out to our executive! Help us help your sailors and coaches.

5. AGM; Wed Aug 23rd at 6:30 pm -- we're looking for new blood! The CODA executive is always interested in parents and interested people helping out. We have a lot of ideas and need them implemented. If you are a keener and doer -- feel free to indicate your interest to the executive. We'll vote on the new slate of executive at the AGM at the Canadians. 

6. 2018 Canadians Bids; Please present your club's bid to host the 2018 Canadians at the AGM in August. We have examples if you need them, please contact us for that. The Canadians often is a spark to any local Opti program or region. It is a big event, but most clubs enjoy hosting it as the kids are what it is all about. We'd especially encourage west coast bids.

Please check out our facebook feed for uptodate results etc. We try to post often. If you want to get involved as a FB poster for your region, that would be amazing. let me know.

--Tony Staples

CODA President