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October 23, 2018

Sailboat Trailer complete with custom wooden box (3 separate storage compartments)


  • Steel construction, 2 level
  • Built to trailer Optimist, Laser and/or 29er
  • Includes 2 tubes for mast, booms or sails
  • Large wheels for smoother ride
  • Spare wheel
  • Serviced spring 2018


Selling price $1500 CAD

Location – Toronto, ON


Contact – Keith Richardson – 647-962-2749 –

September 26, 2018

Selling CAN 1619, a 2013 Zim Optimist. Comes with foils and spars, one training sail, one race sail (J sail, black), a sail tube, dolly, Optiparts breathable top cover, all sheets, 3 airbags, original purchase contract, and measurements papers. Currently located at ABYC. Contact is 647 780 2037 or e-mail

PRICE: $2700

September 16, 2018
Complete Winner Optimist Race Package
June 29, 2018
McLaughlin vend les coques affrétés par des ressortissants canadiens à un prix défiant toute concurrence. Les bateaux comprendront une charte Optiparts Dolly, Chartered Black Gold Spars et Chartered N1 foils.
May 31, 2018
Optimist Sailboat for Sale
McLaughlin Pro Racer
McLaughlin Pro Racer Hull 2008 : ISAF # 137862, USDA Optimist approved
Large wheel Dolly from Optiparts
Opti Breathable Top Cover
1 x Epoxy Blade Set with Fittings, Tiller and Extension
Optiparts Opti Blade Bag
1 x Set of Optiparts Gold Racing Spars
2 x Used Sails w Soft Spar and Sail Travel Bag
3 x 48liter EZ-fill Heavy Duty Airbags w Long Straws
November 1, 2017

Jack Gogan is selling his Winner purchased direct from manufacturer - and used for only 2 sailing seasons.

It's has been to 2 Canadian Nationals, North Americans and spent 2 winters in Florida.

August 15, 2017

Have several sails available for sale;

1. 2015 Olympic Platinum - used in 1 regatta. For heavier sailors. $500.

2. Olympic Gold - moderately used, but good. $200

3. One Sail - medium cut. $300


2 small Gill Splash top.

We have a relatively new Dry Suit as well - for a smaller sailor - JR size. 

Can deliver to Canadians.

Tony - 514-865-1090

staples-at-formulagrowth dot ca.



June 6, 2017

J racing sail used at the 2016 Optimist Northamerican Championships only.

The sail is in very good conditions for racing. Asking CAD$350

Contact: Robin Gogan


May 30, 2017

Visit the Boathouse in Dorval, QC or order online for Opti parts!