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CODA Fleet Information

As from 2017, CODA bylaw 21 regarding the Fleet Assignment for Optimist Sailors in Canada, has been updated to the following:

Sailors competing in CODA sanctioned events shall compete either in the Championship Fleet or the Green Fleet for novice sailors. Within the Championship Fleet, scoring shall be broken down into the following categories:
Red fleet (for sailors that have reached the age of 13 by the first day of scheduled racing at the event and who are not older than 15 years old as of December 31st of the year of the event)
Blue fleet (for sailors that have reached the age of 11 by the first day of scheduled racing at the event and are younger than 13 years of age as of the first day of the event)
White fleet (for sailors that have not reached the age of 11 years old before the first day of scheduled racing at the event)
Overall (all Red, Blue and White sailors scored as one group)

Green Fleet is the fleet for beginners. The purpose of this fleet is to encourage novice sailors into the sport of sailing and racing.

Green fleeters can be any age up to 15. A green fleet might have skippers who are as young as 6 and as old as 15, but sooner or later they'll move into their appropriate fleet withing the Championship Fleet.

If a sailor place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in three White Fleet regattas, they must register in the appropriate age fleet in the competitive group.  If it is obvious that a sailor has developed beyond the Green Fleet they should be moved up as soon as possible.

Where possible, the Green Fleet will race on a course which is separate from the Championship Fleet. Rules governing participation in the Green Fleet are promulgated by the Executive Committee and posted on the CODA website.

Read more about Green Fleet Guidelines


In addition to the Class Rules and CODA Safety Check list, it is adviced that sailors read the IODA Graded Penalty System Addendum. On water measurements can be done at anytime during racing and penalties will apply as stated below:

Addendum 1 – IODA Graded Penalty System
Minor technical penalties
Penalty approximately equal to 5% of fleet
--- Failing to report damage to charter boat
--- Failure to comply with the requirement to report penalty taken or retirement (SI 15.6) --- Not displaying the coloured streamer (SI 5.1)
--- Breaches of SI 28 Berthing

Minor class rule penalties
Penalty equivalent to 10% of fleet
--- Bailer not attached to the hull (CR 4.3)
--- Paddle not attached to the hull (CR 4.3)
--- Daggerboard not attached to the hull (CR 3.3.4)
--- Painter not attached to mast step (CR 4.3)
--- Whistle not attached to personal flotation device (CR 4.2)
--- One sail tie 5 mm or more loose (CR
--- Two sail ties 3 mm or more loose (CR
--- Accidental loss of sail tie (CR
--- Out of the waiting area (SI 12.3)
--- Breaches of SI 25 Support Boats

Intermediate class rule penalties
Penalty equivalent to 30% of fleet
--- No bailer, paddle or painter in boat (CR 4.3)
--- No whistle (CR 4.2)
--- No lanyard, locking device or other arrangement to attach mast to the hull (CR --- Sail outside limits of bands (CR
--- Two ties 5 mm or more loose (CR
--- Three or more ties 3 mm or more loose (CR
--- Throat, tack or clew eyelet 3 mm or more loose (CR
--- Repeated minor penalty infringement

Major class rule penalties (as per RRS)
Penalty DSQ
--- All RRS except as amended
--- All SI except as amended
--- Use of uninspected equipment
--- Use of unapproved fittings
--- Repeat of intermediate penalty infringement

Team Racing
- Minor technical penalty – 0 points
- Minor class rule penalty – 1 points
- Intermediate class rule penalty – 3 points
- Major class rule penalty – 6 points
Version 18 Aug 2017