CODA Code of Conduct


The Corinthian Spirit is the code through which we judge our actions and gauge our decisions on the racecourse and in our personal lives. Sailing is a self-governed sport where each competitor must possess a high moral standard and personal code of ethics in order to have a fair race.


Code of Conduct

·       I will encourage and set a personal example for everyone supporting the principles of honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship.

·       I will respect fellow sailors, coaches, regatta officials, parents, hosts, club staff and other responsible adults regardless of religion, gender, origin and ability.

·       I will refrain from using foul language at all times.

·       I will respect property of others and will not steal, damage or use another property without permission. I will treat all venues as I would my own, and I understand that any willful destruction of property will require full payment for replacement or repair.

·       I will regard the Racing Rules as a form of agreement. The Rules represent the spirit or letter that I shall not evade or break. I will do my best to win by fair competition and not by manipulating the Rules. I will always honour the spirit of Corinthian Sailing.

·       I will be gracious in victory and defeat, be co-operative and always remain a team player. I will remember that my actions on and off the water will reflect not only me but my team mates, coaches and my Club.

·       I will not verbally, physically, or emotionally abuse anyone nor tolerate such conduct by others.

·       I will listen to advice and follow rules set out by parents and coaches, while I am travelling with my team. I will also follow all safety procedures and instruction given by a Race Official and Regatta hosts. I will always provide assistance if another person is in danger.

·       I will protect our environment (Sea, Lakes and Waterways)

o   I will not throw garbage overboard, I will secure all loose items onboard.

o   I will not feed or disturb wildlife and I will not intentionally sail within a distance of at least 300-500 meters of a sea mammal or bird colony.

o   I will respect vulnerable and nature protected areas.

o   I will inform and educate myself of locale environmental regulations and respect and follow their practices.

·       As a competitor I will not use alcohol or tobacco, nor any prohibited drugs while attending a CODA sponsored event and/ or event run by my Club.

·       I will abide by all of the policies determined by Sail Canada- World Sailing- Canadian Centre for ethics in sports- Canadian Olympic Committee- International Olympic Committee.

·       I will not get involved in an act considered to be an offense under federal, provincial or local law.

·       I will always work towards attaining my full potential in the lifelong sport of Sailing.

I understand that any disciplinary problems that arise shall be investigated by the Code of Conduct Committee (Committee). The Committee shall consist of the Regatta Chair (or designated member of the organizing Authority), Principal Race Officer, and the event CODA Representative.

If it is decided that the athlete is not adhering to the above guidelines, the following actions may be pursued:

·       Require an apology

·       Warning

·       Monetary fine for host venue property damage

·       Written report to CODA and /or competitors club


Actions not permitted to be taken by the Committee:

·       Anything that impacts a boat’s series score in the event

·       Disqualifying the competitor from this or future events





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