International Teams

Attending an international event is the pinnacle for any Opti sailor's experience in the class. Meeting young racers from the globe that are at the top of their sport is truly a life changing experience.

Canada, being a member of IODA, is invited to send teams to various international events every year. We select the teams from our Optimist National Championship.

The process is clearly laid out in the Selection Guide

When considering a position on an International Team, there is a lot to think about:

-the level of racing at International events is like nothing you have experienced.

-the sites are often selected for their consistent (or rather high) wind and seas.

-most opti racers are in their 14th/15th year as well, so have 7-8 yrs of experience.


All this, plus the cost of attending should be weighed before accepting a place if you qualify. A frank conversation with your coach or friendly CODA board member could help in the decision process. 

CODA wants what is best for its sailors. Sometime a clinic or high end open event can be more meaningful to a sailor's progression than an IODA regatta. These are key things to consider.