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Ready to Race Optimist for Sale – 2017 Winner Denmark 3D Star $5,500

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-1 2022 J Red 2.0 race sail with Sail Certificate – race sail condition. Purchased in October 2022 for South Americans and North Americans (the sail is stamped with both championships)-1 2017 J Blue – training sail condition-1 2019 J Red race sail with Sail Certificate – training sail condition-Black Gold Spars-N1 Foils-Optiparts Dolly (large puncture proof wheels)-Winner Top and Bottom Cover (top cover professionally repaired by sail manufacturer Triton Sails)-Winner Foil + Mast Bag-JSail Sail Bags-3 New Grey Harken AirBags (purchased Summer 2022)-Black Rigid Travel Tube-2 Bailers-1 Windesign Wind Indicator-Mast Clamp-1 Paddle-Mainsheet and Blocks included-Winner Tiller Extension



Maxine Gagnémgagne11@gmail.com905-334-2689