Since the beginning of the Optimist class in Canada in the 1970s, CODA has been proud to represent the class as a national association and award yearly honours on its sailors.

Fogh Boorman Award for Best Canadian Boy

1987 Philippe Gaudreau
1988 John Torgerson
1989 Ed Sherman
1990 David Westwood
1991 Mike Uznis
1992 Chris Gaffney
1993 Melanie Woodward
1994 Stu Colie
1997 Scott Donaldson
1998 Nick Stanley
1999 Hugo Vallee Pouliot
2000 Royden Brousseau
2001 Mark Pataky
2002 Ian Donahue
2003 Evert McLaughlin
2004 Jean-Luc Robitaille
2005 Jean-Luc Robitaille
2006 Ted Murphy

Best Canadian Girl

18th 987 Paule Bertrand
1988 Genivieve Brunet
1989 Manon Boulay
1990 Annie-Claude Roker
1991 Siri Agrell
1992 Melanie Woodward
1993 Melanie Woodward
1998 Isabelle Garang
1999 Melissa Molchiere
2000 Kristen Hope
2001 Laura Dixon
2002 Lauren Laventure
2003 Sami Kestenbaum
2004 Rachel Bessin
2005 Caroline de Heala
2006 Emily Heall
2007 Meredith Megarry
2008 Sarah Douglas
2009 Meredith Megarry
2010 Meredith Megarry


Canadian Optimist Champion

2005 Jean-Luc Robitaille
2007 Sarah Douglas
2008 Juanky Perdomo
2009 Meredith Megarry


Cross Trophy

The Cross Perpetual Trophy showing the True Optimist Spirit

2002 Marc-Olivier Bourgeois, CNDM
2003, Emily Hill, RHYC
2004 Birte Gunnarsson, NYACK Boat Club
2005 Duncan Miller, HYC
2007 Alexander Fritz, RVYC
2008 Team Bermuda
2009 Graham Harney
2010 Galen Richardson

Morten Fogh

My family started the Optimist class in Canada in the mid-1970s, I sailed the Optimist for 9 years, my mom was president of the class and brought the 1984 world championship to Kingston, so there is a strong bond with the class and boat. 

-Morten Fogh