International Teams Committee

Re: IODA Events and Team Selection Process

The following process has been designed by the International Teams Committee of CODA (“CODA ITC”) to administer the selection of the International Teams attending IODA Events in accordance with the Selection Rule set in Bylaw 20 of the Bylaws of the Association


1. Selection Rule– See CODA Bylaw 20

2. Establishment of the list and ranking of eligible sailors-

After the COCs, the CODA ITC shall as soon as possible establish the list of eligible sailors using the Official Results of the COCs, removing non-eligible sailors (participants from foreign countries or not satisfying IODA eligibility criteria for World and Continental Championships)

3. Preparation of documentation for communicating with the eligible sailors-

After the COCs the CODA ITC, using available IODA information on venues, calendar, NORs, establish draft budgets and draft letters to communicate with sailors that are either a) eligible and qualified for events or b) eligible on the wait list.

*We are currently in the process of evaluating selection criteria for 2022 events based on results of the CODA Fall Qualifier, at RCYC Oct. 9-12, 2021.

For 2019 teams, the selection criteria were as follows:

The top 5 sailors are qualified for IODA Worlds

The top 3 males and top female are qualified for IODA Euros

The top 7 males and top female are qualified for the IODA Sudopti

The top 7 males and top female are qualified for IODA Optinam

4. Sending of the letters to the sailors-

The Top 40 eligible sailors will receive letters. All sailors qualified as per the above will receive the “Qualified” letter in the first round. The other sailors not initially qualified but eligible will receive “Wait List” letters. The letters will be sent using a dedicated email account accessible to all members of the CODA ITC for proper monitoring of the issuance of the letters and replies from sailors. The email account directory will be populated using the parents (father by default) most current email address supplied by the member to the CODA Registrar.

All Qualified sailors will be requested to confirm their interest to attend one or more events that they qualify for subject to IODA rules (can’t attend both WORLDS and EUROS) or schedule conflicts. No sailors can participate to more than 3 events as per the above.

All Wait List sailors will be requested to express their interest to participate in one or more events subject to availability of spots from previously qualified sailors opting out of the process.

5. Deadlines and deposits-

For 2019 IODA Events, Qualified sailors:  Answers due by December 15th, 2018. Non-refundable deposit of 400$ per event qualified and confirmed, refundable deposits of 400$ per event wait listed and interested.

For 2019 IODA Events, Wait List sailors: Answers due by December 15th, 2018. Refundable deposit of 400$ per event wait listed and interested.

*Refundable means if the sailor does not get a spot on any team, his deposits are returned.

*Non-Refundable means if the sailor is qualified and confirmed and later on changes his mind, the deposit may be retained.

CODA ITC will do a reasonable effort, if timing permit, to replace a forfeiting sailor by another one on the wait list. If no financial cost is incurred by the team as a result of the forfeiture and replacement, 50% of the deposit will be returned. If there are costs associated they will be deducted from the deposit.

For any event requiring Team registration less than a month before the above deadline, a higher non-refundable deposit may be required corresponding to the approximate amount payable by each sailor of the team to the event organizers (registration, accommodation, charters, etc).

At the expiry of the above deadline, all sailors not responding or not posting required deposits will be considered to be off the list of eligible sailors.

6. Second round of letters-

As soon as possible after the expiry of the above deadline, the CODA ITC will issue additional letters of confirmation to sailors remaining on the wait list with cashed deposits based on spots newly made available. Upon a delay at the discretion of the ITC (no less than 48 hours), if the sailor has not officially withdrawn from the process in writing their previously refundable deposit will become non-refundable. It is expected that after this round the teams should be completed.

More letters of confirmation to sailors on the list may be issued in the second round after some delay if people opt out of the process.

7. Subsequent letters-

As soon as the teams are confirmed, there will be a waiting period for the NOR to be issued (typically 6 months in advance of the event), allowing an update of the draft budgets by the CODA ITC and a request for an additional non-refundable deposit corresponding to the approximate amount payable by each sailor of the team to the event organizers (registration, accommodation, charters, etc) with a deadline aligned with the NOR deadlines. Failure to make that additional deposit in time will result in exclusion from the team and immediate replacement from the wait list. The CODA ITC will set short but reasonable deadline for such replacement.

8. Subsequent steps-

When all sailors are confirmed, paid and registered, a first meeting of the parents can be held to elect a Team Leader, Country Rep if necessary, choose a coach, plan logistics (plane tickets, team uniforms) and take over the budget in coordination with the CODA treasurer.


The CODA International Team Committee